Doctoral's Degree Doctor of Philosophy (Media and Communication) (PhD) (Regular)

1. Programme Title

     Ph.D. Programme in Mass Communication

2. Degree

      Full Title: Doctor of Philosophy (Mass Communication)

      Abbreviated Title: Ph.D. (Mass Communication)

3. Responsible Agency

      Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication

     Thammasat University

4. Philosophy and Objectives

      Continuous development of advanced communication technology in the past decade has resulted in not only rapid and complex economic, political, social and environmental changes, but also wide-ranging and borderless development of mass communication system at national, international and global level. This rapid development leads to academic and professional necessity to search for new modern knowledge in order to respond to needs for development by individuals as major resource for national development process and by organisations as sources of activities that promote systematic development. In addition, rapid increase of graduates and professional people in journalism and mass communication as compared to the past, has become a current trend, while education institutes that offer courses at doctoral level are still limited in Thailand.

      The Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication is the first institute in Thailand that offers journalism courses at graduate level, and has produced many under graduates and graduates on mass communication to serve the society. The faculty recognizes the urgent need as mentioned above in the age of information, while Thammasat University has a policy to emphasize continuous creation of advanced knowledge and research in all branches of social science. With capacity and readiness in terms of personnel, places, equipment and cooperation with other higher education institutes and related organisations both in and outside of the country that facilitates operation and administration of higher education as stated in the 8th National Higher Education Development Plan (B.E. 2540-2544), it is considered appropriate for the faculty to provide education at Doctor of Philosophy level with main objectives as follows:

     1. To produce scholar graduates who academically excel in journalism and mass communication, with ethics, morality and ability to lead to social development at both national and international level.

     2. To produce scholar graduates with academic knowledge and professional skills to develop education and research on journalism and mass communication both indepth and wide-ranging.

     3. To develop and upgrade education on journalism and mass communication to be more in line with international standards, leading to academic cooperation and exchanges at high level. 

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