Master's Degree Master of Arts (Media and Content Administration) (MCA) (Special)

1. Programme Title

     Master of Arts Programme in Mass Communication Administration

2. Degree

      Full Title: Master of Arts (Mass Communication Administration)

      Abbreviated Title: M.A. (Mass Communication Administration)

3. Responsible Agency

      Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication

     Thammasat University

4. Philosophy and Objectives

      Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, Thammasat University, has opened a Master of Arts Programme since 1982. Until now, the faculty has produced a large number of mass communication graduate programmes in communication policy, development communication and communication research. At present, the need to continue studying for a master degree at the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication is increasing in comparison to number of students that the faculty can take in each year.

     This trend together with recognition of an urgent need to produce human resources in mass communication who play important role in development of the country, especially in the period of transformation to Information Society where there is integration of communication as an important mechanism necessary for administration and development of mass communication organisations.

      The Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, Thammasat University, therefore, directly responded to this need and opened M.A. Programme for executives in 1998 in accordance to the sixth National Education Development Plan (B.E. 2540-2544) with an objective to produce graduates in mass communication administration who have ability, knowledge and long and wide range vision to respond to the need of society. Operation of this project is adhered to a policy to maximize benefits from existing education resources of the government at the same time as to build capacity of the faculty in term of academic cooperation, particularly in mass communication administration, with mass communication organizations in both public and private sector, in the country and in foreign countries. 

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