Bachelor's Degree Bachelor of Arts Program in Journalism (JC) (Regular)

1. Program

     Bachelor of Arts Program in Journalism and Mass Communication

2. Awards

     Bachelor of Arts (Journalism)
     B.A. (Journalism)

3. Host

     Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, Thammasat University

4. Aims and Objectives


     The program is designed to produce graduates with general knowledge and advanced knowledge and skills in mass communication in newspapers, radio, television, film, advertising and public relations. Graduates ate provided ability in critical analysis and relevant social problem solving and able to apply their knowledge into their future career, as well as for the benefits of the society with leadership, ethics,morality and responsibilities for the society.


     1. To produce scholar graduates with both academic knowledge and professional skills.
     2. To produce graduates with ability in problem solving and thus contribute those skills to the society.
     3. To produce graduates to be a leader of the society with morality, most advanced skills and insightful attitudes.
     4. To produce graduates who lead to social development.

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