Master's Degree Master of Arts (Corporate Communication Management) (MCM) (Special)

1. Programme Title

     Master of Arts Programme in Corporate Communication Management

2. Degree

      Full Title: Master of Arts (Corporate Communication Management)

      Abbreviated Title: M.A. (Corporate Communication Management)

3. Responsible Agency

      Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication

     Thammasat University

4. Philosophy and Objectives

      At present, society, whether it is at country level or global level, is increasingly complex. In addition, in the age of globalisation, communication is borderless, rendering any activities highly competitive. Communication then plays a very important role in administration of organisation in both public and private sector.

     Each type of communication has varied effectiveness. Managing communication correctly and appropriately according to quality and capacity of media and in consistent with characteristics and objectives of the organisation, taking into consideration situations both inside and outside of the organisation, would support administration and lead to highest success of the organisation. This is the case because effective management of communication both within and outside of the organisation would create good understanding, pride and image of the organisation. In managing transformation of government organisations, communication management plays a role to create understanding both within and outside of the organisation, that is between staff of the organisation and among members of the public who are affected. In merger of private organisations for investment outcomes that affect society, communication management plays a role to disseminate information to the public and promote image of the organisation at the same time.

     Thailand lacks personnel with Master Degree who can work in communication management. The Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication recognizes a need for this kind of personnel and therefore creates a Master of Arts Programme in Corporate Communication Management with an objective to develop personnel with Master Degree who are competent, have knowledge and ability in communication management, can put this knowledge and ability into practice in communication management in public and private sector, including to combine benefits of both sectors, have leadership quality with ethics, being able to carry out administration inside and outside of the organisation, and have vision in their planning for the future. 

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