Our Philosophy, Vision & Missions


     Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, Thammasat University takes pride and commits itself in producing proficient graduates in all 3 academic levels. We prepare our students to be skillful leaders in mass communication field, ethical professionals, and use their knowledge for greater good of the society and our country.


     Prepare leaders in mass communication field through international level of education and research.


     - Administer education, broadcast knowledge, promote and develop academic and profession excellence.
     - Produce research work and create integrated knowledge.
     - Provide social service in academic and vocational disciplines.
     - Conserve and support art, culture, religion, moral, and wisdom. Promote and nurture Thammasat University’s goals.

Organizational Value

     "Excellence, Morality, and Social Engagement"

Strategic Issues for Development

  1. 1. Future Workforce: developing learning-teaching and students
    2. Future Workplace: improving physical development, infrastructure, and university administration in different dimensions
    3. Future Life and Society: developing research and social services
    4. Future Collaboration: developing collaboration with all sectors in the Thai society and the world