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Academic Journal
Issue 1 Journalism ISSN 0125-8192 (Print) Published year 1, issue 1, 2004
ISSN 2697-4916 (Online) Published Year 12, Issue 2, 2019

It is a quarterly academic journal of the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication. Thammasat University This is an article that meets the criteria of Thammasat University, including

1. บทความวิเคราะห์วิจัย (Research Article)
2. เอกสารกรณีศึกษา (Case Material)
3. บทความสำรวจวิชา (Survey Article)
4. บทความวิจารณ์ (Review Article)
5. บทความทางวิชาการ (Theoretical Article)
6. รายงานสำรวจ (Survey Report)
This does not include the thesis of the author of the article. Article type of translation and handouts

The deadline for accepting the manuscript is as follows:

* Issue 1 (January – April) manuscript closes on November 30.
* Issue 2 (May-August) manuscript closes on February 28, and
* Issue 3 (September - December) manuscript closes on June 30.

Academic Journal
Issue 2 Media and Communication Inquiry ISSN 2697-5084 (Print) Published year 1, issue 1, 2019
ISSN 2697-5173 (Online) Published year 1, issue 1, 2019
Media and Communication Inquiry

Academic Journal Media and Communication Inquiry is a journal that presents academic works in various types of academic articles. Which has important issues related to media or communication in various contexts, with the objective of being an academic forum for professors, academics, and students from various educational institutions to have the opportunity to disseminate their academic works to the public. This will lead to upgrading the science of media and communication to have a strong body of knowledge and can be applied for the benefit of the community, organization and society in the future. The journal is scheduled to be published 3 times a year, every 4 months.

Issue 1 : January - April
Issue 2 : May - August
Issue 3 : September – December

Every article published has been assessed for quality by qualified experts. At least 2 people per article. The editorial team will consider qualified experts who correspond to the field but belonging to different affiliation with the author and does not have any interest with the author In a way that each party does not know the name-surname and affiliation of the other party (Double-blinded Review System)